Painting Services

Painting Services

Whether’s it’s inside or outside you’re looking for, or simply just one wall – Our Painters can provide you with a free quote for all your painting needs.

Offering a workmanship guarantee, UrbServ’s house painting services include wall preparation, professional paint finishes, and complete clean up afterward. Don’t DIY or rely on local painters when it comes to your house painting job – instead, speak to our expert painters.

Services we offer

  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Textured Painting
  • Grill Painting
  • Furniture Polishing
  • Painting Touch-ups


Service Price
Interior Painting (2 Coat) ₹8/sq.ft
Exterior Painting (2 Coat) ₹10/sq.ft
Enamel Painting (2 Coat) ₹14/sq.ft
Grill Painting (2 Coat) ₹15/sq.ft
Wood Polish (Hand Finishing) ₹50/sq.ft
Wood Polish (Melamine Finishing) ₹80/sq.ft

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